Top Travel Destinations On Our Radar

One of our biggest goals for 2017 was to travel more. Growing up, we both had the incredible privilege of travelling to tons of new places thanks to our parents' hard work, but this year the goal is to do the same at our own expense. 

There are three destinations on the never ending list that we want to check off in 2017 come what may: New York, Los Angeles, and Bali.

1. New York is a time tested favourite. We last visited in 2015, when our mutual best friend was still living in the city, which meant we got to soak up as much NYC as one can in the short span of a week. Now we want to revisit the city with a smaller itinerary in mind, just letting the city happen to us, taking things as they come. Being as full of life as it is, New York is the kind of place that we always leave bursting with creative inspiration and excitement to get our hands on a new project. Alistair brought out his inner NYC lad with Le Chateau in this post, complete with granddad cardigan and all. 

2. I hijacked my parents' West Coast vacation for a couple days in Los Angeles back in 2015, and immediately fell in love with the place. I decided right then that I would live in LA even if for a few short years at some point in my life, and knew that I just had to return to the city with Alistair. It's exactly the kind of place I see us loving - a little bit of city, a little bit of beach, and a whole lot of laid back. I've been dreaming of going back for two years, so I decided to channel LA in cool casual fashion with flirty off the shoulder frills and black loafers from Le Chateau. 

3. I believe everyone needs a real vacation from time to time. A getaway that allows you to get outside the city, disconnect from all your devices, and get a dose of the great outdoors. Anyone in a friends circle knows how difficult it is to coordinate schedules to make dinner plans, let alone plan an entire tropical vacation. By some miracle, the majority of our closest friends are available and planning a trip to Bali later this year, and we couldn't be more excited to get out there for a 360º change of scene. 

We love travelling because it takes us out of our routines and gives us a fresh perspective. Whether the budget is big or small, even a two hour long road trip can be fuel enough to leave you feeling energized and refreshed. 


This post was written in collaboration with Le Chateau; however, all opinions stated herein are our own.