Mastering Monochrome

When skies are grey, bring your own colour!

When most people hear the word 'monochrome' they think all black, or all white, or some variation of a lack of colour. Really, monochrome just means 'one colour'. Today I wanted to take you through some of my tips for putting together a monochrome look, white plenty of inspiration to get you on your way. 


A little while ago on Instagram, I talked a bit about the reason I started incorporating more colour into my wardrobe (or rather, why I didn't wear as much before). In short, growing up, I really truly didn't think that bright colours were meant to be worn by girls with darker/brown skin. A load of bullsh*t, if you ask me. My best friend called me out for it one day saying, "If you come back with anything grey, black, or white, I'm not talking to you."

Now, several years later, I am extremely proud to actually have trouble putting together all black outfits. Monochrome dressing was a little intimidating for me at first mainly because of its potential to make me look an amorphous blob. With some research and a lot of trial and error, I've figured out a few tips for making the most of a monochrome outfit:


Playing with different textures is a great way to create some distinction between items of clothing that are the same colour. Think silk against a well-textured knit, or linen against cotton. The same colour can pop in various ways depending on the texture of fabric and the way the light hits it.  


If texture is not your thing, another fun way to break up your look from looking too synchronized is to incorporate different shades of the same colour. 

  1. Purple? Mauve + Eggplant.

  2. Blue? Periwinkle + Navy.

  3. Green? Olive + Seaweed.

It's not likely you'll own pieces that match each other exactly right, so it's best to do away with the perfection of it all and throw some shade. 



Layering monochrome items with different fits can help create a division wear your top ends and skirt begins, once again preventing that blob look. Think oversized baggy sweater paired with a pencil skirt and slim fit trousers, or vice verse with wide leg trousers and a tailored, cropped fit top.