From Day To Night with Parajumpers

Happy Monday, guys! Hope your week is off to a beautiful start with this sunshine! Now, I know I haven't been able to stop gushing about this weather, but if we're being real, ya girl is always cold. I'm pretty sure I inherited that from my mother but anyway, that means I always have to leave the house carrying something to cover up with "just in case". Today, that cover up is my trusty Parajumpers bomber. I've been sporting this baby non-stop for two months and I thought it was only right that I took you through a Sunday in the life to show you just how versatile the jacket is. 



Let's not fool ourselves into thinking all my Sunday's start with a morning workout. I wish they did, but I'm not quite there yet. The fact is I'm travelling in two weeks and I woke up feeling a little soft. So, I  booked a morning boot camp class, slipped into my favourite workout set from the Girlfriend Collective (do yourself a favour and check them out), and threw on my bomber before heading out the door for a royal ass kicking at Elle Fitness & Social.

A few reasons I love this bomber as a cover up to the gym: 1) It has enough pockets that I can abandon the idea of a bag 2) It's warm but light enough that I won't break a sweat when the sun comes out. 3) I die for this bottle green colour. Move over, khaki. 



After breaking a sweat at boot camp and fuelling up with lunch, I've showered and prepped for some work. We have a ton of fun projects coming up, which has meant spending our weekends shooting, editing, writing, and then some... so, I need to strap in with a comfortable fit, tunes, and free flowing coffee. My outfit of choice is a monochrome look in my favourite colour (mustard yellow), offset with none other than my Parajumpers bomber, and some good ol' chucks. I love, love, love how oversized the jacket is so I can really sink in and get comfy while typing away at my local Jimmy's Coffee. 



A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. In which I literally mean we spent hours this Sunday creating content for the week hahahahaha. Jokes aside, I wrap up work at 6:00pm and do a quick change before date night dinner with Alistair. I like to that my aesthetic in life is 'chic but comfy'  (i.e., I'll wear heels if they're block heels and 3 inches high or less). For dinner, I pull out a veteran in my closet - this high neck polka dot mini dress - and bring it to life with a pair of block heeled boots, bright red fanny pack, and bomber draped over my shoulders for a dash of panache (picture me doing a jazz move when I say panache). My favourite thing about this look is the contrast of the red and green - I love a good colourblock.

Et voilà! There you have it. One bomber, styled three different ways, for three different occasions. I've been on a no shopping rule for about two months now and it's versatile pieces like this bomber that help add dimension to my wardrobe for a whole lotta mix-and-match action. 

What are some ways you mix-and-match items to get the most out of your closet?

P.S., Here are some bonus looks I styled my Parajumpers bomber with: 

Disclaimer: This jacket was gifted to me by Parajumpers; however, all opinions stated herein are my own.