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5 Essential Shoes In A Man's Closet

Today I'm discussing the 5 essential shoes every many needs in his closet. If, like me, you are more preppy than sneakerhead you should aim to have one of each of these shoes in your closet to create a complete set: the Classic Oxford, the Derby, the Loafer, the Dress Boot, and a fifth pair based on whichever of the first four you wear the most. 

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5 Tools Every Gentleman Needs

Today I'm discussing the 5 tools or utilities every gentleman must own. Style isn't in the grandeur of things, it is in the finer details. A perfectly crisped shirt, smooth polished shoes, a lint free coat - these are signs of a well put together man. Read on for tips on how to fine tune your look to the maximum, using tools that are inexpensive and easy to find. 

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