Valentine's Day Surprises

In spite of living in separate apartments, Karuna and I spend a whole lot of our time together. Being business partners, if we're not spending quality time with each other, we're neck deep in brainstorming, planning, and executing the next big project.

As you can imagine, this makes gift giving a little tricky

Although we're both pretty low key about Valentine's Day and celebrations in general, from time to time we will go out of our way to surprise each other. Even six years in, no matter how big or small, the gesture goes a long way.

So, when JoeyCo introduced themselves to me a couple of weeks ago, I knew exactly what to do. JoeyCo is an online delivery app based in Toronto & Mississauga that lets you order items (seriously, anything) from any of the listed local stores or place a custom order from the store(s) of your choice. The app provides same day delivery, so even if you slip up and forget to pick out your friend's birthday present before the party, you're covered. Lifesaver. 

Since Karuna is a massive chocoholic, I knew exactly where JoeyCo's first stop would be - SOMA Chocolatemaker. After placing a custom order for chocolates and a bouquet of roses, my job was done and the stress of planning the surprise had been lifted off my shoulders. Although she got a little frustrated and suspicious with me constantly pouring over my phone to check the live tracking on my delivery, that melted away the minute the order arrived at her doorstep.

In all honestly, although JoeyCo came to me in the nick of time for Valentine's Day, I easily see myself (and Karuna) using it for so many more reasons in the future. What, with all these snow warnings, why wouldn't we?

Happy Valentine's Day, guys!

What are your plans for the 14th? You'll find us at home bingeing on SOMA truffles and Netflix’s Black Mirror.


***Thank you to JoeyCo for sponsoring this blog post. Although this post was written in partnership with JoeyCo, all opinions stated herein are our own.