Travelling smarter with Indigo

Travelling smarter with Indigo

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With summer officially underway we’ve slowly started stocking up on travel must-haves. Indigo is one of our favourite spots to shop before a trip, and we wanted to share what’s currently in our cart in the lead up to our first getaway of the season (all links included are affiliate links). These guys will come in handy whether you’re hopping on a flight to another continent, taking a train cross country, or carpooling to the cottage. 


Herschel Fourteen Light Hip Pack 

Fanny packs (belt bags, hip packs, call them what you must) never stopped being functional, but thanks to the trend cycle they’re also fashionable again. Travelling is frustrating enough without having to rummage through a person-sized backpack every time you need your passport, earphones, or wallet, so snap on a cross body fanny pack and go live your best 90s dad life in comfort and style. 


Matt & Nat Mitsuko Large Weekender

Who doesn’t love a good weekender? Chic, sleek, gets the job done. For the carry on averse (read: Alistair) a weekender,  like this Matt & Nat one, is key. Convenient enough to cart around with plenty of room to fit the essentials and a handful of outfits. Bonus: It’s made from vegan leather in a delicious chili brown. 


The Suspect by Fiona Barton 

Alistair’s book of choice for our upcoming trip to San Jose Del Cabo is The Suspect by Fiona Barton. What’s a relaxing beach vacation without a can’t-be-put-down suspense novel about people going missing while on vacation? *adds to cart*


The Island Of Sea Women: A Novel by Lisa See

A review for Lisa See’s The Island of Sea Women reads, "This beautiful, thoughtful novel illuminates a world turned upside down, one where the women are in charge, engaging in dangerous physical work, and the men take care of the children.” I’m a sucker for any kind of upside down, roles reversed, alternative reality narrative and this novel had me at “a world where the women are in charge”. 

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Book Light

I always need a book light, and I never have a book light, and my arms ache from holding my phone flashlight up just high enough to light up the page without blinding the person sitting directly across from me. 


Green Jade Facial Roller

I truly get so much joy from my morning and evening skin care routines, and that joy is only magnified on vacation. Fifteen extra minutes to massage my favourite goop into my face? Heck yeah! Thanks to the internet I learned jade rollers are great for lymphatic drainage and de-puffing after a flight, so it’s safe to assume I’ll have one on me for every flight I get on until further notice. 


JBL GO2 Portable Speaker

I’m big on making playlists for occasions and holidays, so obviously I’m going to carry a speaker around to enjoy my art (yes, art) to its fullest potential. We got the JBL GO2 last summer and its since provided the soundtrack for everything from afternoons on the beach, to getting-ready-to-go-out sessions, to picnics in the park, and condo-sized house parties. Quick to charge, solid battery life, and just the right amount of volume. 


Logiix Travel Adapter 

As much as we promise ourselves we’ll disconnect while on vacation, something or the other is always going to need charging. As someone who’s had to buy an overpriced travel adapter at an obscure airport tech shop more than a handful of times, I can never have enough of these at home. 

*While this post was written in partnership with Chapters Indigo, all opinions stated herein are our own. 

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