The Dress That Flatters Everyone


Let's back track a little...

When I was younger I was honestly quite a tom-boy in the way that I dressed. I love, love, loved my skinny jeans and converse and rarely ever wore skirts or dresses, in part because I had the Amazon forest growing on my legs, but you get my drift. Anyway, eventually, I came to my senses and my love for pants wilted. I don't care what you say, skinny jeans are torture traps. Don't @ me.

I now root proudly for #teamnopants.

For this reason, I really only discovered wrap dresses about a year ago and I can't believe I've been sleeping on them for so long. Whether I'm experiencing 'time of the month' bloat, or post Pad Thai bloat, or it's just too hot a day for me to deal with outfit choices - wrap dresses are my solution. They are perennially flattering, breathable, and comfortable and are my official go-to for the season. Seriously, I've done some major retail damage the last two months. The most recent addition to my collection has been this maxi number from Le Chateau. 

They have so many great wrap dresses in store right now, I thought I'd link to a couple other of my favourites from Le Chateau's collection. For two similar but shorter versions of my dress click here & here. And for those of you who prefer to take the road less patterned, check out this fiery red dress & and this elegant purple number

Tip/Fun fact: They were sold out of all sizes except XXL and XXS and I was hell bent on getting just this dress, so I tried it on anyway and by some miracle the XXS fit me!!! I'm usually an S or M... so this was news. So even if you don't see your size in store, try on the closest available one because it might just work.

***This post was written in collaboration with and was sponsored by Le Chateau; however, all opinion stated herein are my own.