The Shoes In My Summer Carry-On

The Shoes In My Summer Carry-On

Summer is right around the corner, which means plenty of road trips, bus rides, flights, and general adventuring. Wooo! Now, you see, my problem when travelling is that I am a chronic over-packer. Baggage allowances and me just can't seem to get along. I am that friend that packs five outfits and five separate pairs of shoes for a weekend long trip. Soooo extra... trust me, I know. 

Well, listen up because I'm writing today to tell you that I have found a partial solution to my packing problems. I did some light shopping at Le Chateau over the weekend and left the store with the three pairs of shoes that will be making it into my carry on all through the season. Because comfort is paramount when travelling, I wore each of these three pairs out for a day each to test them before putting them in this blog post. They passed with flying colours.

Travel bonus: I can't tell you how many times I've gotten to airport late, out of breath, and overweight. Seriously, there's nothing worse than excess baggage fees eating into your travel budget. All three pairs of shoes are super lightweight, so I won't have to worry about shelling precious pennies out at the airport this summer. 

1. The Espadrille

Although I've been a loyal white sneaker wearer in the past, I've decided to ditch them this summer for something with a little more character. These gold slip on espadrilles are the perfect substitute. They're light on the feet, breathable, and comfy as hell. The ultimate day time vacation shoe. 

2. The Slide

I've basically never purchased slippers that weren't beach flip flops, so I was a little weary about these slides, but that changed completely when I put them on. Since the slides are leather they're unbelievably soft and comfortable and I don't think I need to speak for black being versatile. And they're only $60! Grab 'em and go!

3. The Mule

My biggest wardrobe worry when travelling is having day and night appropriate shoes. I love these mules because they are the perfect nude against my skin tone and work well to add some sophistication to a look as simple as jeans and a silk camisole. 

And that's that. A black pair, a nude pair, and a lil' something special make for the only three pairs of shoes I'll need to pack in my luggage this summer. 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. Lots of fun travel planned for this summer, so you can expect a lot more hacks, outfit inspiration, and vacation snaps. 

What are some ways you avoid overpacking? Share your travel hacks and tips with me in the comments below, or leave me a comment on Instagram

Cheers! xo

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by and created in partnership with Le Chateau; however, all opinions stated herein are my own. 

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