Pink for Spring (ft. FiveftDiaries)

Welcome back!

 Last week we met up with our good friends and favourite five footers Imma and Purna of FiveftDiaries to shoot some peak springtime style. You might've noticed that today's post is a smidge longer than most because there were so many dope pictures to choose from that we couldn't stand to leave any out.

When discussing how we would coordinate our outfits, one suggestion stood out from the rest: blush pink. Pink and spring belong together like macaroni and cheese - it's a no-brainer! We've been seeing tons of pink pieces dominating the retail scene be it in the form of whimsical floral skirts, or suede pink trainers, or badass blush bombers. Pink is the new black. 

We trekked up to the Scarborough Bluffs on a deliciously warm day and soaked up some rays all decked out in blush. 

Make sure you head over to FiveftDiaries to check out their post. While you're at it, give Imma and Purna's Instagrams a peep too! If you love good coffee and killer style, you're going to want to keep an eye out for them. 

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