On Personal Style

Raise your hand if you've ever taken over an hour to decide on an outfit for a night out...

Fact: I love dressing up. I love a good suit, tie, and trouser combo and can't even count the number of times I've considered dressing down to avoid looking overdressed on a Friday or Saturday night. I only recently came to the realization that fashion is a massive tool for expression, and that stifling that in the name of fitting in was doing an injustice to myself and my personal style. Don't get me wrong, you won't find me suited and booted from Monday right through to Sunday. I still own jeans, but I definitely don't think I'd stop myself from fancying things up if I woke up and felt like it one day. 

This brings me to Le Chateau... Walking into the men's department at Le Chateau, it becomes clear that they're serious about formal wear. From varying textures and patterns, to solid bold colours, there's no shortage of choice. I'd recently been in the market for a patterned suit, and this heathered grey checked suit immediately caught my eye. A unique step up from your run of the mill suit, it can be styled with formal trousers or denim for a more casual scene. 

Karuna, on the other hand, does not like dressing up and comfort is her pillar where style is concerned. Still, she was able to mould Le Chateau's womenswear pieces to suit her preferences. Sophisticated yet comfy, wide leg trousers were the no-brainer choice in this scenario. Small details like trumpet sleeves and relaxed suspenders allowed her to feel comfortable while looking put together. 

P.S., We're proud to announce that we are now Style Ambassadors for Le Chateau! We look forward to exploring our personal styles and sharing them with you in the coming months. 

***Thank you to Le Chateau for sponsoring this post. All opinions stated herein are our own.