In A New York Minute

In A New York Minute

About two weeks ago we made it up to New York for a weekend trip to celebrate Alistair and I both getting jobs. It was a quick whirlwind of caffeine, amazing food, and LOTS of walking. We wanted to take it as easy as possible during our trip because travelling too often becomes a checklist of things we just have to see, and all of a sudden the vacation isn't a vacation anymore and we go home feeling more exhausted than refreshed. 

[Fun fact: In the 7 years we've been together, this was the first trip/vacation we went on where it was just us - no group of friends.] 

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In three words, the 48LEX is a minimal, sophisticated, boutique hotel.

IMG_2390 2.JPG

We stayed at Hotel 48LEX, which finds itself neatly tucked into a line of hotels on Lexington Ave.

In three words, the 48LEX is a minimal, sophisticated, boutique hotel.

Upon check in, the hotel had prepped the cutest set up of prosecco and fruit for us to devour, and our room had a gorgeous view of the busy scenes of Lexington and 48th St. From concierge staff to room service, we experienced utmost hospitality during our stay. A special shoutout to Jasmine at the front desk who was as bubbly and welcoming as ever whether it was 8am at breakfast or 11pm and we were heading back for the night. The hotel paid careful attention to the fine details, even leaving a bottle of wine for us in the refrigerator so it was chilled when we opened it. Seriously prosecco and wine - need I say more? We were pampered. 

Probably the best of all was how conveniently located the 48LEX was. Whether we wanted to walk or take a subway, getting around was a piece of cake. 


So much Thai food, and so much coffee...

(Scroll down for a photo diary)

Jaiya - 396 3rd Ave

Forever bustling on 3rd Ave and E 28th St, Jaiya is always serving up ah-mazing Thai food no matter what time of day. They're lunch deal is a total steal. I fell pretty ill on our second day in the city and this place was my saving grace - we visited twice over the weekend. Honestly, we were too busy eating both times we went here to stop and take any pictures at all, so let that be our vote of confidence. 

Pietro Nolita - 174 Elizabeth St

We couldn't not visit Pietro Nolita after seeing all the buzz online about an all-pink restaurant (both inside and outside). It is an Instagrammer's dream. The food is very simple but delicious and we even saw Drew Barrymore pop in for a bite as we were wrapping up our meal. 

Ludlow Coffee Supply - 176 Ludlow St

We visited Ludlow upon the suggestion of our friend, Abhishek, and we're so glad we did. From killer interiors to lush coffee it's a great spot to work or spend and afternoon people watching and chit chatting. 

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters - 135 E. 50th St

Since we got into town at an ungodly 6am when everyone and their mother was sleeping off Friday night, this was where we killed a few hours waiting for our check-in time to arrive. With mochas that come in cups as big as your face, I see no reason why you wouldn't visit Irving Farm. They have a bunch of locations around the city including Gramercy, Upper East Side, Midtown East and more. 

John's Estate - 160 5th Ave

For a caffeine fix mid-shopping spree, John's Estate is a small but cute spot at the front of Club Monaco where you can fuel up and watch the scenes of 5th Ave unfold in front of you. 

Eataly - 200 5th Ave

Eataly is a ride. We made our way in to the far end and put down our names for a table at La Pizza & La Pasta and spent the hour long wait nibbling on tiramisu, tarts, and cheese. If you like carbs, cheese, and wine (and if you don't, who are you?!) - go to Eataly. 

Thank you so much for stopping by to read what us lil' beans got up to in New York! Because this post was getting pretty damn long, we decided to split it up into two parts. Part One was Where We Stayed and What We Ate/Drank and Part Two will be more of What We Saw with some more of our outfits and site seeing shenanigans. 

What are some of your favourite things to do in NYC? Hit us up in the comments below! 

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Until next time!  

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