May 2-4

Welcome back!

We hope you've had a fabulous long weekend! The other day Alistair and I were discussing how perfect it would be if 3-day weekends became the norm. Think about it... Monday's would finally lose their bad rap and everyone would have an extra day to 'buffer' before the work week started. Who do we speak to to make this happen? 

Moving on... let's take a moment to appreciate this blessed weather we've been having off late. It's been so refreshing to see the city come alive with people, and pets, and food. We've spent the entire weekend outdoors exploring and indulging and Monday was absolutely no different. Earlier this afternoon, we took to the South Field at our university campus for some frolicking and general buffoonery. Alistair and I put together some of our favourite denim pieces and accessories and hit the road. 

We hope the transition back to school or work is easy on you. Have a sweet, sunny week ahead!

Thanks for stopping by!

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