Life Update: Balance & Date Night

Hi guys,

Welcome back! Take a seat, grab a coffee or tea, and get cosy... this is a long one. 

Life Update

It feels like the last couple of posts we've written on here have all begun with the same "it's been a while" spiel... so let's skip straight to the point.

We have been spending the summer learning to balance. Balance what, you ask? Our pride and joy aka this blog, alongside both our jobs, our fitness, our overall health, and our sanity. A little while ago, we felt ourselves going slightly crazy focusing on numbers, deadlines, followers, likes, comments, and engagement rates. So, we decided to drop the toxic shit and zoom out to focus on other important things in our lives. 

That doesn't; however, mean that we lost all interest in writing and sharing moments from our life on here. I can't tell you the number of exciting ideas we've had for blog posts that we couldn't act on in time because of other commitments and general fatigue. We prioritized the best we could given the circumstances. Recently, Alistair and I have been trying to get on track with our health, fitness, and eating well, which is why burning the midnight oil really has been out of the question. And so, our drafts section continued to grow and grow and grow. Until now, that is. 

To jolt us back into action from our blog nap, first, we've given the website a brand new look. It's ready to roll and will be live very, very soon. Second, we're considering getting a photographer to help us be more time efficient. Many of you may not know but we've used a tripod for virtually every shot on this blog for the last two years and it's finally time for an upgrade. We genuinely enjoy blogging and want to make sure we don't lose sight of that amidst the Insta-fame game. The plan of action is to dig through the graveyard that is our drafts and resume sharing the places we've been, products we've loved, and things we've learnt... maybe even over video instead of on the blog (emphasis on maybe)

Date Night

With our whirlwind schedules, the two of us typically won't see each other all week and we've developed something of a date night tradition every Friday night. First, we get all dressed up and go to a Thai restaurant for dinner (basically a standing rotating between Pai, Khao San Road, and Nana). This Friday it was Khao San Road and we ended up in matching outfits. 

This ever-so-flattering cold-shoulder maxi floral was from Le Chateau and thank god it wasn't paper thin because it was a pretty chilly evening. The skirt of the dress has a thick lining, which is perfect for my always cold self. In true grandfather fashion, Alistair wore one of his classic knit sweaters with suede boots, which were both also Le Chateau (I swear none of these coincidences were planned). 

As far as traditions go, Alistair always orders his favourite chicken Pad Thai and I get Pad See Ew with beef (extra spicy). We move from dinner to a nightcap - whiskey coke with grenadine for him, and some variation of vodka soda for her - and Netflix reruns of The Office or Arrested Development. Unless there's a new episode of Suits out. Yes, these are literally the only three shows we can agree on watching together. 

And that's how grandpa and grandma spend their Friday nights. 

In conclusion, a big fat thank you to those of you who are still reading. We appreciate you more than you know. Thanks for sticking with us. And a request to give us your suggestions on photographers that you've worked with and created some kick ass content with. We want to work with them too! 

*Thank you to Le Chateau for sponsoring this post, and our outfits. While this post was written in collaboration with Le Chateau, all thoughts stated herein are our own. 

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