In the Navy

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We hope you've had a lovely start to your week! 

In case you hadn't noticed yet, we like to a play a bit of a matching game. This weekend Alistair and I strew from our trusty blue denim and moved onto its cousin colour - navy blue.

Alistair picked up a patterned shirt that he would otherwise dress up a little bit more and paired it a matching pair of navy blue shorts. Coordinates are in, in, in! 

Being as I have no more patience left for pants, I slipped into a lightweight little black number and threw on a gorgeous long line kimono as a cover up for the food baby I've been nurturing all winter.  

While I'm usually accessory-averse, I took this pretty patterned kimono as a chance to whip out a couple of cute pieces for summer.  This 'Juniperus' necklace from Artifacts Worldwide is actually handmade using materials all sourced within North America. In a world of fast fashion, Artifacts slows down the process to appreciate both designers and the creative process that goes into creating intricate pieces to add to your arsenal. 

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