How To Dress Like A Kingsman

How To Dress Like A Kingsman


Suit: PK Subban for RW&Co // Shoes: Le Chateau // Pocket Square: Le Chateau // Glasses: Bonlook  

I'm likely a little late to the game because I was only introduced to this series in October 2017, but I knew as soon as I watched the movies that I wanted to put together a post inspired by The Kingsman. I have always loved British style, specifically when it comes their style of suiting. Take that and combine it with action and the idea of the 'gentleman' and you've got yourself a Kingsman movie (and an evening of pure entertainment).

So while you can't actually be a Kingsman, you sure can dress like one. Here's how: 

1. The Double Breasted Suit

The Kingsman mostly put their characters in navy blue and grey double breasted suits. You can never go wrong with a well-fitted double breasted suit with peak lapels (defined by the lapel edges pointing up and towards the shoulder). The double breasted suit not only gives your look a sophisticated edge but also helps you stand out from the crowds of suit-wearers. Make sure to pay attention to the details of the suit you're considering - small tweaks and features like a wide peak lapel and high shoulder pads give the illusion of a wide chest and shoulders, which all work to elevate your look. 

2. The Striped Tie

In both films, the members of The Kingsman distinctly wear striped navy ties with red accents as opposed to solid ties. After all, the ties are a part of their weaponry and unique gadgets, so they're quite unmistakable where design is concerned. Personally, I'm not a fan a lot of colour but I still wanted to get a striped tie to complete my Kingsman look, so I compromised with a two tone black and grey striped tie. 

3. Oxfords, Not Brogues

Words to live by. Oxfords can be described as any formal shoe with open lacing. If you're in the market for your first pair of formal shoes, then Oxfords are the way to go. Not only are they the quintessential piece to complete a formal look, but can also be the missing link between an everyday look and a smart casual look. In my opinion, black Oxfords are a safe and timeless option to invest in first, whereas brown Oxfords are a great secondary purchase to add a hint of personality to your looks.

4. A Good Pair Of Glasses

The Kingsman members are all equipped with hi-tech glasses as part of their arsenal of weapons and gadgets. Make sure you get a pair of glasses that fit your face well. The right pair of spectacles can completely transform your look, adding maturity and sophistication to an already polished outfit. Trends are one thing, but make sure you try on different styles, colours, and shapes to learn what suits your face.

5. Attention To Detail

In the end, it's the details that set you apart from the rest - attention to detail completes your look. Subtle accessories (like a watch, a pocket square, a pair of cuff links, a tie pin, etc.) make all the difference and not only enhance a man's look but it also set him apart from the hundreds and thousands of suit-wearers daily. Each accessory is a subtle peak into a man's character, from the brand of the watch or pen that you carry, to it's colour, tone, texture and more. Attention to detail also includes cleanliness and being neat - polishing your shoes, styling your hair to the nines, and keeping your facial hair in check - beard or no beard.

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