Get Ready With Us ft. Bulova

Get Ready With Us ft. Bulova

Taking the stress out of getting ready for an evening out

How many times has the stress of getting ready in a pinch totally thrown off your rhythm on an evening out? No planned outfit, waiting till the 11th hour to shower and slap on some makeup, you know the drill. We’re trying to do things a little differently this holiday season by keeping better track of our time, thanks to Bulova.

We’ve been making a conscious effort to:

1) Plan and prep what each of us is wearing the night before an event.

2) Manage our work days efficiently.

3) Avoid Netflix in the hours leading up.

What usually ends up being a few frantic hours of frustration and quarrelling, has now turned into a blissful break to kick back, listen to our favourite music, and squeeze in some quality time.

There’s no hard and fast rule that says you have to wait till the new year to form better habits, so we’re taking it into our own hands to get a head start on our goals for 2019. Stay tuned for a post on some of the most important lessons we learnt from changing up our time management styles.

About our Bulova timepieces

On Alistair:

I’m wearing the Bulova Wilton which has an automatic movement, sapphire crystal case, and houses a 60 hour power reserve.This is ideal for my work week, because I don’t have to worry about winding my watch everyday. Since I can’t be whipping my phone out in meetings, I need a watch that is going to be reliable. I love how the Wilton simultaneously completes my look and adds character to it with a distinct blue leather strap. I particularly picked out this piece because it complements my formal looks just as well as some of my more casual outfits.

On Karuna:

I’m wearing the Bulova Sutton with an automatic movement, skeleton dial, brown leather strap, and gorgeous gold detailing. I’m a big of a large dial, which is why I tend to gravitate towards men’s watches, and I absolutely adore the intricate exhibition dial on the Sutton. My watch collection is very modest, so I’m always going to pick a piece that demonstrates versatility over a piece that is unique, and the brown and gold colour combination is a timeless classic.

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*This post is sponsored by Bulova. While this post was written in collaboration with Bulova, all opinions expressed herein are our own.

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