Housekeeping with Dyson's V8 Absolute

I’ve always been incredibly particular about the way my house looks. It’s something that instantly affects my mood and productivity levels. However, starting a 9-to-5 has taken a toll on my housekeeping habits. Although I start the day motivated to get X,Y, and Z done after work, the fact of the matter is that once I come home I’m so tired that the only thing my body wants is to rest.

I recently had the chance to partner with Dyson on their V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner, and it’s been a total game changer. The fact that it’s cordless and doesn’t have a heavy motor lugging behind it makes vacuuming much less frustrating. Rather than using two, three, or more items to tidy things up, it’s so much easier to interchange the attachment on the vacuum and use one solid tool to get the job done. This way I can use the V8 to vacuum the floor, but also for hidden corners and cabinets that are generally out of reach. I won’t lie, I was skeptical about the efficiency of such compact machinery, but once I used it I realized how much power it can pack.

It’s common for our generation to take on multiple jobs at once, which is why time efficiency is the name of the game. Investing in gadgets that actually make life easier is something I am always on board with and there’s no better example than Dyson’s V8 Absolute, for real.


*This was sponsored by and written in association with Dyson Canada; however, all opinions stated herein are our own.