Navy Blue From Day To Night - Part I


Over the weekend, while Alistair and I were talking about our favourite fall colours there was one shade that stood out as the undisputed winner: navy blue. It's a step up and away from black, can be dressed up or down, and easily pairs with any number of colours. It's also a great shade to throw on when your day is booked up from day to night. We decided to practise what we preach and transition a pair of casual daytime outfits into nighttime chic to make our case for our favourite fall colour.

For today, we're delving just a little bit into our daytime looks and we'll be back with some slick evening outfits tomorrow. 

Sure, navy blue pairs well your standard cool tones like grey and white but there's something about a good tan/camel and navy combination that just spells l u s h. Even on a day off, the right colour pairing can instantly make you seem like you have your shit together. Top off your look with a pair of reflective sunnies and instantly cover up all of Friday night's mistakes. Alistair and I are both wearing sunglasses from Bailey Nelson (models KingsfordHarrison), who make all their pieces exclusively by hand. 

 All in all, both Alistair and I opted for relaxed fit trousers and threw on some light removable layers to get us through the day. 

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed these looks. Shop them easily at the very end of this post. Come back tomorrow to see how we transitioned these looks into evening appropriate wear in under 10 minutes.

What are some of your favourite fall colours? Leave us a comment below!

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