Back To The Grind with Coach

And so our month-long vacation came to an end. After some much needed down time in Dubai, we're back in the city and ready to jump right back into the deep of things. 

And what better way to get on our grind than with some organization? Between blog shoots, job hunting, interviews, and everything in between, being anything but 'on-the-go' isn't an option for us. Being young creatives, as we're sure many of you will be able to relate, there simply aren't enough hours in a day. 

Which is why these bags from Coach couldn't have come at a better time. Alistair's Manhattan Backpack is stylish and sturdy enough that he actually carries it out with him as opposed to dumping things into my purse throughout the day. I personally am a huge fan of a convenient little purse, so the Saddle Bag 23 (in Bordeaux) has been a trusty friend of mine off late. I'm able to take along the essentials and nothing more (perfect for my textbook overpacking self). 

Adjusting to the cold has been, well, an adjustment. Hey, only a month to spring though, right?

Until next time!