Chic But Warm - Investing In The Right Fall Wardrobe

When we think about fall colours, shades like terracotta, navy blue, and camel stand out pretty clearly as popular choices for transitioning to the colder months. This year; however, right from late summer until now you’ve probably noticed virtually everyone sporting some variation of light pink and army green.

A few weeks ago, Alistair and I popped into to browse the new collection at Bench Toronto Eaton Centre and loved how different the pieces were from past editions! From edgy bombers to grandma chic (this is a good thing) overcoats, the collection was a testament to the fact that Bench do much more than casual and active wear.


Hands down, our two favourite pieces in the collection were the Aptness Long Funnel and Wherewithal B Puffa coats.

Having being blessed with a warm fall, I’ve been putting off pants for as long as possible and naturally gravitated towards this almost-white-but-pink sweater dress. Although this weekend seems to have been our last taste of warm double-digit weather for a while, you’ll definitely still see me rocking this dress sans sneakers and with a pair of OTK boots instead.

Alistair, who is always over-prepared for the weather (thermals and all), has recently swapped his straight leg jeans for skinnies and found his denim match in this dark grey pair.  They definitely fit more skinny-slim than your average slim jeans, which only means less room for cold air to terrorize you (win!).


Now, while getting dolled up is all well and good, some days we just want to bum out, be comfortable, and relax. This is where classic casual Bench always saves the day. After a busy morning of meetings, planning content, and shooting, Alistair and I took it down a notch and retreated to our monochromatic ways.

Bench has a bunch of new fun trouser styles from dark wash blue and grey-black denim, to pleather leggings. Striking the balance between put together and shabby, I couldn’t help but reach for their giant long line hoodie and carry-all backpack. Alistair finally ended his search for the perfect grey joggers at Bench with this tapered Sprinter pair, adding a slick, almost scuba material black hoodie on top.

Think bags are just for women? Think again. Growing tired of throwing things into my micro handbags, Alistair finally took the plunge and got himself a bag to get through busier days.

All in all, if you ask us, being chic means nothing if it means being uncomfortable. Yes, we’ve heard the old adage “Fashion is always uncomfortable” but we call bullshit. Overall (but especially in the cold) it always pays tenfold to invest in fashion that is warm, comfortable, and cute. And to that we say – Bench! 


***Thank you to Bench for sponsoring this post. All opinions stated herein are our own.