On The Road With Bailey Nelson: Episode Two

ON HER: Shirt: H&M / Trousers: Vintage Burberry (similar from ASOS) / Shoes: Adidas / Glasses: Bailey Nelson (Archemedis) / Watch: Daniel Wellington

ON HIM: Hat: Forever 21 / Glasses: Bailey Nelson (Bronte) / Shirt: H&M / Shorts: H&M (almost identical from ASOS) / Shoes: ASOS

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Welcome back, folks!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

This Saturday we took off on our second road trip with Bailey Nelson to the Grotto Caves at Bruce Peninsula National Park. The caves are located deep inside the Park, and while that's about a four hour drive from Toronto, let me tell you it is so worth it.

After an easy 20-ish minute hike from the Head of the Trails, you reach the Indian Head Cove and Grotto Caves. Being that we were more appropriately dressed for a shoot than a legit hike and it was 25°C out, Alistair and I were slightly worse for wear than we should have been. But that didn't interfere with the breathtaking view of the Georgian Bay from atop the cliffs. 

We spotted fellow adventurers sprawled across the landscape, some cliff diving (not recommended by the Park), others just dipping their toes in the water. And of course there were those like us with DSLR and tripod in hand. Hey, still better than those wielding and wildly swinging their selfie sticks around, right?

Let's talk about our gear...

Nothing says summer vacation quite like a tropical print, does it? I snagged this shirt from the men's section at H&M because the floral print rompers and sun dresses just weren't cutting it. Fun fact: I'm the first person to hop on a tomboyish version of any outfit. 

Alistair's printed shorts are also from H&M and are a refreshing take on the usual neutral/green colour scheme that vacation-wear generally comes in. Perfect for wearing out on a summer's evening, especially with this heat wave Toronto's about to experience. 

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate these glasses? While Alistair isn't a regular glasses-wear, he absolutely loved playing the part even if just for a day. As for me, since I've been quite unadventurous with my choice of glasses in the past, I was equally nervous and excited to give these Cherry Blossom tinted frames a go. What do you think? Yay or Nay?  

To end, we'll leave with a little story from our day at the Grotto. As luck will have it, while we were hiking out of the park, a couple of bees caught on to the sweet scent of product in Alistair's and my hair and began chasing us. This happened for about 3km straight and I'm quite sure I trapped one in my hair at some point. We got some cardio out of it (in addition to weird looks from multiple families along the way) and ran right out to the shelter of our car. Take that, you buzzing demons!

That's everything for today. If you've reached this point in the post, thank you so much for sticking around! We genuinely hope you enjoy seeing and reading about the many shenanigans that we get up to. Make sure you come back next week for the third and final instalment of our 'on the road' series with Bailey Nelson. 

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See you next time! xo