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Get Ready With Us ft. Bulova

How many times has the stress of getting ready in a pinch totally thrown off your rhythm on an evening out? No planned outfit, waiting till the 11th hour to shower and slap on some makeup, you know the drill. We’re trying to do things a little differently this holiday season by keeping better track of our time, thanks to Bulova.

Mastering Monochrome

When most people hear the word 'monochrome' they think all black, or all white, or some variation of a lack of colour. Really, monochrome just means 'one colour'. Today I wanted to take you through some of my tips for putting together a monochrome look, white plenty of inspiration to get you on your way. 

How To Dress Like A Kingsman

I have always loved British style, specifically when it comes their style of suiting. Take that and combine it with action and the idea of the 'gentleman' and you've got yourself a Kingsman movie (and an evening of pure entertainment). So while you can't actually be a Kingsman, you sure can dress like one. Keep reading to find out how to dress like a Kingsman.

Parisian Chic Monday

You've probably seen this trend making its rounds on your Instagram feed for months, so it was only a matter of time before ya girl caved and copped a set of her own - and I won't lie, this blazer and paper boy hat combination has me feeling pretty. damn. badass. Thanks, Le Chateau!

5 Essential Shoes In A Man's Closet

Today I'm discussing the 5 essential shoes every many needs in his closet. If, like me, you are more preppy than sneakerhead you should aim to have one of each of these shoes in your closet to create a complete set: the Classic Oxford, the Derby, the Loafer, the Dress Boot, and a fifth pair based on whichever of the first four you wear the most. 

The Shoes In My Summer Carry-On

I am a chronic over-packer, but recently found a solution for my baggage allowance worries when I went shoe shopping at Le Chateau. Today I'm talking about the only three pairs of shoes I'll have in my carry on bag this summer, and how you too can save weight and pack light while travelling. 

5 Tools Every Gentleman Needs

Today I'm discussing the 5 tools or utilities every gentleman must own. Style isn't in the grandeur of things, it is in the finer details. A perfectly crisped shirt, smooth polished shoes, a lint free coat - these are signs of a well put together man. Read on for tips on how to fine tune your look to the maximum, using tools that are inexpensive and easy to find. 

Recap: Toronto Men's Fashion Week Day 1

By a happy coincidence, our good friend Abhishek was also set to attend TOM* the same days as us, and we couldn't think of a better way to attend than in truly coordinated #squad form. A love of fashion and Indian roots are major common denominators that the three of us share, so it only seemed logical to channel them into our outfits. We mixed and matched elements from Indian outfits past worn to form a lush set of gold, black, purple, and blue ensembles.