5 Quintessential Spring Jackets

5 Quintessential Spring Jackets


My favourite seasons of the year are fall and spring, mainly because I am a big fan of layering. To me, layering is the best way to get creative and experiment with different styles, mixing and matching elements from trends I’m loving in the moment. Where fall is a time to gravitate towards darker colours and sophisticated ensembles, spring is perfect for relaxed fits and lighter colours.  Because we live in Canada and ‘spring’ is really another way of saying ‘second winter’, I thought I’d put together a roundup of 5 transitional jackets that are wardrobe staples as much as they are en vogue.

The Trench Coat

The trench coat is an instant sophistication machine. Traditionally paired with more formal ensembles, both street style and athleisure movements have shown us that the trusty trench can really go either way. While my approach panders to the former, the trench adds a certain smartness and edge to the simplest of looks (think basic sweater paired with slim jeans and all white sneakers).

(Note: For a classic, almost retro look, ditch the single-breasted and go for a double-breasted coat with wide lapels (3” - 3¼")  

The Leather Moto Jacket


In my opinion, leather jackets are one of those things that are just worth investing in. I have made the mistake of buying one too many inexpensive and poor quality options that lasted me no longer than 6 months. Do the research, find a fit that complements your body, and invest in quality and you’ll have yourself a timeless addition to your closet that works no matter what the season.

The Bomber Jacket

Bombers are a versatile style of jacket that really do whatever it is you want them to. Take varsity bombers, which give you all those retro high school “heartthrob” vibes, while the popular nylon bomber is synonymous with street style. The bomber is my go-to on days when I’m looking to put minimal effort into my look.

Note: While bombers are the quintessential cool, casual outerwear, to me a leather bomber is a perfectly sophisticated and mature spin on this jacket.

The Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is a definitive marker of warmer weather, but with a shearling collar, it offers a surprising amount of coverage on milder spring days. Personal preference draws me towards the relaxed lighter wash denim because, like with the bomber, the denim jacket is a great casual piece for off-duty days.

The Wool Jacket

Where the denim is perfect for early May days, the wool down is more suited to early April where we get ambushed with snow storms and 90 kmph winds after having packed away our parkas. A wool with built in down quilting is a great for packing a little extra heat without the bulk of a heavy-duty winter jacket.  This navy blue piece I picked up at Massimo Dutti is an affordable version of the Dior Homme jacket Mr. Daniel Craig sported in James Bond film, Spectre. I’m a huge fan of the entire Bond franchise, so I was extremely thrilled to have found a similar style jacket at such a great price point. In keeping with the theme of lighter spring colours, I created some contrast by pairing the deep navy blue jacket with off whites and light sand shades.

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