3 Major Things That Changed When I Started Prioritizing Sleep (Ft. Endy)


I think it’s important to preface this blog post with a little history of mattresses I have slept on since I started university in Misssissauga 6 years ago. My first year at university was spent living on campus and sleeping on a paper-thin single mattress, which I’ll be honest didn’t bother me at the time. Probably because I was younger and largely unaware of anything beyond handing in assignments by midnight and counting down minutes to see if my Pizza Pizza order would arrive just late enough for it to be free. In my sophomore, junior, and senior years I shuttled from one rental to another, making do with leftover and/or hand me down IKEA mattresses that had passed their ‘best by’ use date. Having made the expensive move to downtown Toronto two years ago, I wanted to save wherever possible and ended up taking over a spare IKEA mattress Karuna happened to have. Again, it did the job but by 2018 had begun to sink in places it shouldn’t and after considerable nagging from Karuna, I was seriously considering biting the bullet and making the investment in a new mattress.

Enter, Endy. The Canadian-made mattress has completely changed the way I sleep, and created a chain reaction of positive effects in my life (but more on that later). 

A few of my favourite things about Endy:

  1. Delivery and arrival is a piece of cake: Shipping is free to ALL Canadian provinces and the mattress arrives in a compact, hassle-free box. Unboxing this baby was a piece of cake. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.
  2. The mattress is soft without compromising on support: Karuna can vouch for this, but we are completely different sleepers. While she sleeps without any pillows and prefers a firm mattress and empty bed, I’m big on sinking myself right into bed surrounded by a bunch of pillows, and a huge duvet. From the first night, I could tell Endy and me were going to get along.
  3. Free 100 day trial: While I won’t be returning mine, I think it’s pretty neat that you can return your Endy with no questions asked after 100 days, if for some reason it doesn’t work out for you.
Take $50 off your own Endy with code “WHATWEWORE50”.

You know how when you go shopping & immediately want to wear that new pair of sneakers out? Turns out, it’s the same with mattresses. I’ve been sleeping more than ever since I got my Endy mattress, and I noticed 3 major things that changed when I started prioritizing my sleep:

  1. I’m more productive and have more energy during the day: This is a no brainer, but being well rested and getting 8 hours of quality sleep (i.e., a sleep free of uncomfortable tossing, and overheating) has allowed me to be much better at my job. Working in a bank I meet and speak with a lot of people in a day, some of who come with their own bad moods and attitudes, but being well rested equips me to deal with little frustrations in a much calmer way. I’m also not as bothered by that post-lunch 2pm slump as usual. People have being saying this since the beginning of time but it’s true – getting enough sleep makes all the difference in your day.
  2. Better recovery from workouts, better performance at the gym: I’ve been taking my fitness much more seriously recently, and have started a new fitness plan that I document on Instagram stories from time to time (follow along if you’d like to see more of that). In saying that, my body obviously gets incredibly sore from my workouts whether it’s a high rep, low weight day or vice versa – the soreness is real. Being motivated to get into a comfortable bed early means my body has more time to put towards muscle repair and regeneration. Comparing even a 6-hour sleep night with an 8-hour sleep night, I can automatically the difference in fatigue and soreness in my body.
  3. Increased creativity: While I’ve heard that a lot of creatives work well late at night (Karuna included), I’m quite the opposite. When my mind isn’t rested I find it incredibly difficult to focus and get the juices flowing. Prioritizing my sleep has allowed me to think clearly and put more of my energy towards new ideas for blog posts, different image concepts I want to capture, and even new creative avenues that I haven’t explored before (hint: it may include videos).

What are some good (or bad) habits you have formed when it comes to your sleep schedule? Are you a late night creative like Karuna, or more of a morning worker like myself? Let me know in a comment below, or on Instagram.


P.S., We want to share the gift of good sleep with you! Having a quality mattress is often put on the backburner to prioritize an aesthetically pleasing home, but we can’t recommend investing in a quality mattress more. Take $50 off your own Endy order when you enter the code “WHATWEWORE50” on their website.

*Thank you very much to Endy for sponsoring this post. While this post was written in association with Endy, all opinions stated herein are my own.

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